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2016 – 70th Session – We Proudly Sing Our Song

This year’s theme is “We Proudly Sing Our Song”.

70th Session — Sunday, June 19 – Saturday, June 25, 2016

42 years at LU !


Director Susan Lee (center) with Amelia Guthrie (left) and McKenzie Girvan (right), Virginia’s Girls Nation Senators

Elected Officials

Nationalist Party
Ramada Sesay of Annandale


Lt Governor
Federalist Party
Maddison Thyer of Fairfax


Attorney Gen
Nationalist Party
Megan Welke of Fairfax



Samsung Winner

Danielle Emhof of Alexandria

Verna Vance Scholarship

Ireland Triggs of Stafford


Virginia’s Girls Nation Senators

Amelia Guthrie of Strasburg High School, Fort Valley
McKenzie Girvan of James Monroe High School, Fredericksburg


Model City




The 70th Session of Virginia Girls State is made possible in part, due to the generous contributions from these organizations.

ALA Virginia Girls State Staff

The staff and counselors that make Virginia Girls State possible.


Additional Photos from 2016























Randolph and Draper cities with Delegate Lee Ware

ALA Habitat for Heroes service project recipient Gary Hope at the 70th Session of Virginia Girls State

Gary Hope and his daughter, Diamonique, with Honorary Junior Auxiliary President Abby Forsyth

Rose and Pearl were arrested during morning assembly for creating a disturbance during a presentation by Peggy Thomas. They were escorted out by state troopers. Bail has been set. All money raised will be donated to our Habitat for Heroes service project.

Moot court

Teasia Stewart, presiding governor of Virginia Girls State, is preparing for tonight with the help of Peggy Thomas. Girls State 2016 is getting underway!

Our state troopers work tirelessly to keep us safe and add to the Girls State experience. Two of our troopers will be helping Margaret Greene (center) with the moot court activity.

Moving in day is exciting!

Virginia State Police participate in Virginia Girls State

Moving in day is exciting!

Moving in day is exciting!

Moving in day is exciting!

Getting everyone checked in on Sunday, June 19th

Citizens of Virginia Girls State, 70th Session, are sworn in

Citizens of Session 70 gather for flag retreat

Virginia Girls State counselors getting to know one of our new citizens

Moving in day is exciting!

Getting started on the first day of Virginia Girls State

City Photos















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