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2014 – 68th Session – Reach for the Stars

This year’s theme is “Reach for the Stars”.

68th Session — Sunday, June 15 – Saturday, June 21, 2014

40 years at LU !


Attorney General Ahn-Tho Vu, Lt. Governor Rosie Clifton and Governor Mbiye Kasonga receive congratulations (left to right)

Key Office Holders

Governor Mbiye Kasonga

Lt. Governor Rosie Clifton

Attorney General Ahn-Tho Vu


The 68th Session of Virginia Girls State is made possible in part, due to the generous contributions from these organizations.

Virginia Girls State presents a plaque commemorating 40 years at Longwood University on June 17, 2014.
We are deeply grateful for so many years of dedicated service and support.
Pictured in the photo (left to right): Susan Lee, Virginia Girls State Director (2013-present) and Past ALA Department of Virginia President (2009-2010), Darlene Bratcher, Longwood Conferences Director, Peggy Thomas, Past ALA National President (2012-2013), Anna Gear (seated), Past ALA National President (1983-1984), Cindy Kokernak, ALA Department of Virginia President (2013-2014)

The Virginia Girl

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