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Activities During the Week of VGS

Delegates participate in one of these activities Monday through Thursday from 3:45 – 5:00 PM. Bring clothing or equipment for your preferred activity (sneakers, band instrument, etc). Activities will be selected Sunday evening. Space in some activities is limited so have alternates in mind.

Available activities change from year to year.

Parliamentary Procedure

** New for the 2019 ALA Virginia Girls State Session **
All Citizens of ALA VGS (with the exception of band, chorus, dance, and Moot Court activity participants) will attend a Parliamentary Procedure class on Monday during the activity period.

PARLIAMENTARY PROCEDURE (Monday Only) – Citizens will learn the importance of Parliamentary Procedure, running a meeting, writing an agenda, making a motion, order of speaking, elections, and different ways of voting within meetings. Also covered are how to keep order during a meeting, handling the “bully on the board,” how to set up a room for an effective meeting, and the role of the chair within the meeting.

BAND (Monday – Thursday) – The band brings together instruments of all types to prepare and perform in concert on Thursday. The ensemble is also open to all band or orchestra instruments.

CHORUS (Monday – Thursday) – Raise your voices! The Girls State Chorus performs in a concert on Thursday in addition to being a part of our inaugural ceremonies. In addition, solos are available for several events during the week.

ALA Virginia Girls State Chorus 2019

DANCE (Monday – Thursday) – Jazz, Ballet and Contemporary dance styles are covered in the class. Participants will also present a performance piece at the talent show.

MOOT COURT (Monday – Thursday) – Those participating in ALA VGS Moot Court will be instructed in certain functions of an attorney-at-law, particularly in the matter of appellate advocacy. Teams of participants will argue legal issues before ALA VGS Moot Court judges. The two team finalists in the competition will engage in final arguments before the American Legion Auxiliary Virginia Girls State Supreme Court on Friday.



ADULTING 101 – Guest speakers present different life skills that are useful for anyone to know. Topics covered are basic car care, self-defense, and dealing with stress in a healthy manner. There will also be a class period where you can experience what it feels like to drive while impaired.

DEBATE – CURRENT ISSUES – This staff moderated class allows ALA VGS Citizens to debate current issues. Each City’s participants will be given a topic and a pro/con position and have time to prepare before presenting their position and supporting arguments before the rest of the activity participants.

GOVERNMENT BOOT CAMP – This class teaches the basics of Government, including bill writing and how a bill becomes a law.

Delegates participate in one of these activities Monday through Thursday

GOVERNMENT SERVICE – CHALLENGES AND REWARDS – Speakers include women in a variety of elected and non-elected positions within city and state levels of government. A major portion of the class time is devoted to questions and answers providing class members with the opportunity to learn even more from the speakers, especially their thoughts on balancing a career and a personal life.

LAW ENFORCEMENT SERVING OUR COMMUNITIES – Hear from speakers who work in a variety of positions within the Virginia State Police. Past speakers have included officers who serve in the Motorcycle Division, the VSP Fusion Center, Highway Patrol and Recruitment Officers. The class allows for a question and answer period at the end.

ORAL HISTORY OF VETERANS – Acquaints citizens with the importance of oral history and preserving history for the future. Interview techniques; both written and verbal will be discussed. Actual interviews with veterans will be conducted. Information on how to set up an oral history program will be given.

PUBLIC SPEAKING – You’ll learn about the mechanics of talking, warm-up exercises, connecting with an audience, presence (including appearance, body language, movements, etc.), presentation of a speech, and preparation and presentation of informational or persuasive speech.

The proper method for disposing of an American flag that is torn or too worn to fly is to present the flag for inspection to 3 members who are participating in the ceremony.
They must each acknowledge that the flag is no longer fit to fly before the flags are burned.

SUPPORTING OUR VETERANS – Highlighting the mission of the American Legion Auxiliary, this class invites women who serve those who have served our country in the Armed Forces. Speakers are drawn from the Veterans Administration at the national level, the Virginia Department of Veterans Services at the state level and American Legion Post Service Officers at the local level who work with Veterans to make sure that they are getting appropriate benefits and access to necessary services. The class allows for a question and answer session at the end.

UNDERSTANDING THE JUDICIAL SYSTEM – Speakers will include women who are serving in the court systems in a variety of positions. Speakers may include probation officers, attorneys and judges. The class allows for a question and answer session at the end.


ALA Virginia Girls State Talent Show 2019

The Talent Show is on Friday!

If you plan to try out for the Talent Show be sure to bring any necessary music, props and costumes. Pianos are available. For dance performances, if you bring dance shoes bring all necessary gear to care for them. We inspect shoes prior to use for safety, especially for on pointe performances.

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